br全量备份报错,there is no meta files in backup info


  • nebula 版本:3.2

  • 部署方式:单机

  • 安装方式:RPM

  • 是否上生产环境:N

  • br全量备份报错,there is no meta files in backup info

[root@centos-orig nebula-graph]# ./br backup full --meta "" --storage "local:///home/xxxxx/nebula-graph/backup"
{"level":"info","meta address":"","msg":"Try to connect meta service.","time":"2023-07-25T15:42:13.392Z"}
{"level":"info","meta address":"","msg":"Connect meta server successfully.","time":"2023-07-25T15:42:13.394Z"}
{"level":"info","meta address":"","msg":"Try to connect meta service.","time":"2023-07-25T15:42:13.395Z"}
{"level":"info","meta address":"","msg":"Connect meta server successfully.","time":"2023-07-25T15:42:13.396Z"}
{"host info":"map[[STORAGE]: (data: /usr/local/nebula/data/storage, root: /usr/local/nebula) |[AGENT]: (data: , root: ) |[GRAPH]: (data: , root: /usr/local/nebula) |[META]: (data: /usr/local/nebula/data/meta, root: /usr/local/nebula)]","level":"info","msg":"Get cluster topology from the nebula.","time":"2023-07-25T15:42:13.397Z"}
Start to backup cluster...
{"backup info":"map[all spaces:false backup name: backups: created time:1970-01-01 08:00:00 +0800 CST full backup:false meta files:]","level":"info","msg":"Create backup in nebula machine's local.","name":"","time":"2023-07-25T15:42:13.398Z"}
{"level":"info","msg":"Ensure backup root dir.","name":"","root":"local:///home/dlq/nebula-graph/backup","time":"2023-07-25T15:42:13.398Z"}
Backup failed: there is no meta files in backup info, will try to clean the remaining garbage...
Error: there is no meta files in backup info
  br backup full [flags]

  -h, --help   help for full

Global Flags:
      --debug                  Output log in debug level or not
      --log string             Specify br detail log path (default "br.log")
      --meta string            Specify meta server
      --s3.access_key string   S3 Option: set access key id
      --s3.endpoint string     S3 Option: set the S3 endpoint URL, please specify the http or https scheme explicitly
      --s3.region string       S3 Option: set region or location to upload or download backup
      --s3.secret_key string   S3 Option: set secret key for access id
      --spaces stringArray     (EXPERIMENTAL)space names.
                                   By this option, user can specify which spaces to backup. Now this feature is still experimental.
                                   If not specified, will backup all spaces.
      --storage string         backup target url, format: <SCHEME>://<PATH>.
                                   <SCHEME>: a string indicating which backend type. optional: local, s3.
                                   now only s3-compatible is supported.
                                   for local - "local:///the/local/path/to/backup"
                                   for s3  - "s3://example/url/to/the/backup"

{"level":"fatal","msg":"there is no meta files in backup info","time":"2023-07-25T15:42:13.399Z"}

meta 你ip 改成真实的ip 别用 127 试试

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