Copy schema and data

I notice that PR: supports copying schema from another space. But I have some questions:

  • Must the target space have the same partition_num and replica_factor with the source space?
  • What if the source space contains indexes or default values that I don’t need in my target space? Is there an option to specify copying indexes or default values?
  • What if I want to copy the exact space? I mean to copy schema and data at the same time.
    Look forward to your reply.

Thanks for your questions.

  1. The answer to the first question:
    The partition_num and replica_factor don’t need as same as source space.

  2. The answer to the second question:

    1. The default values are also copied.
    2. The indexes can be given an option to choose. If your nGQL without ‘NO INDEX’, it will copy the indexes that create by the schema.
  3. The answer to the third question:
    We’re not going to support it yet.

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