FullText Search中为什么只有 limit参数,没有offset参数

PREFIX(schema_name.prop_name, prefix_string, row_limit, timeout)
WILDCARD(schema_name.prop_name, wildcard_string, row_limit, timeout)
REGEXP(schema_name.prop_name, regexp_string, row_limit, timeout)
FUZZY(schema_name.prop_name, fuzzy_string, fuzziness, operator, row_limit, timeout)
fuzziness (optional): Maximum edit distance allowed for matching. The default value is AUTO. For other valid values and more information, see Elasticsearch document.
operator (optional): Boolean logic used to interpret text. Valid values are OR (default) and AND.
row_limit (optional): Specifies the number of rows to return. The default value is 100.
timeout (optional): Specifies the timeout time. The default value is 200ms.

看描述,只有limit参数,为什么没有加上 offset参数?