Jupyter-NebulaGraph 发布

IPython-ngql 现在改名叫 juypter-nebulagraph 了。

结合 nebulagraph-lite 以后各种 demo、guide、示例从 ad-hoc 集群、到数据集加载、查询、可视化、算法、Grpah RAG 都可以顺滑一路 next 了。

Excited to announce the release of version 0.10.0 of the #NebulaGraph Jupyter extension! :rocket:

  • Introducing %ng_load to effortlessly load CSV data into NebulaGraph
  • Enhanced with parallel edge rendering for improved visualization
  • Big news: we’re rebranding from ipython-ngql to jupyter_nebulagraph :tada:
  • It has a documents site now!

Explore the new features here: GitHub - wey-gu/jupyter_nebulagraph: NebulaGraph Queries and visualization in Jupyter notebook.(previously known as ipython-ngql)

Docs site: https://jupyter-nebulagraph.readthedocs.io/

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